The Neuroscience of Sound by Audi

A Different Sonic Branding Solution

Do you understand what your brand name sounds like? Possibly not; and if not you may be missing out on branding an important aspects of your identity. It is not all that obvious and to truly understand the effect a sound has on our mind and emotions it help  know something about neurosciences.

Check out this video of the Audi sound – It is clever and gives you an idea of the power of sound. It is amazing what a musical mind can do with the opening of a car door or compartment.

The original article by neurosciencemarketing dissects the sounds of Audi. We might ask is it actual or contrived. The answer is that it does not really matter – Perception is reality and sonic branding produces meaning and sonic identity that have a significance for the brand.

A Unique Sonic Branding Example

You will have to admit that Audi has a pretty good grasp of what sound means to its market. You may not think of  Audi as an example of Sonic Branding at work, because they don’t have a famous song like Cocacola.  Audi is nevertheless, a leader in understanding the emotional value of sound.  Its music and sound engineers have an impressive record of creating effective sonic branding solutions for its marketing. Every sound of every part of the car is an example of what might be, and could be, tailored into the brand identity.

Audi has made a significant contribution to the branding with its guide to sound style, that is quite like a visual style guide. It helps keep branding consistent across media, campaigns and place. You may not have the resources of Audi, however setting up a constant sound identity is feasible.

It can begin with a jingle or non-musical sound which you add to your ads as well as commercials; that song or tone will certainly become part of the brand’s identity, if it is persistent. The question is; is it the best sound that you? For the answer to that you may have to call in the professionals.

Latest eBook on Sonic Branding

There are several excellent books that provide sonic branding instances as well as overviews of option and also companies that could assist. The most up to date eBook is The Brand & The Band at

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