Sonic Branding Solutions, Success & Failures

Author Laura Motarrroso book on Sonic branding, The BRAND and the BAND, is featured in MarketersMedia. Marketersmedia is a press syndication service designed for marketers. It is the place to announce breaking news about significant happening in marketing and is widely used by Fortune 500 and major organization. To be featured in Marketers media one must have a significant announcement and create a Press Release that is not a sales promotion, but a real newsworthy announcement. That is the case with Laura Montarroso book which explores Sonic Branding Solution with examples of both success and failure.

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The band and the brand was incubated in academia  when Laura, studying“Audio and Music Technology” at the University of the West of England, Bristol, completed the book as part of her thesis. Although steeped in the rigors of academic research, the book is spiked with practical experience and personal insights. It offers fascinating examples of Sound in marketing from a corporate and personal level. Bands are Brands too,  Laura says, as she studies how artist step over the line is aligning with the wrong brands at the wrong time and mix up their message.

It looks at the history of Sound in marketing and how marketing is changing to adapt to the new social world where connection and engagement are now defined by emotional context. That is where music comes into the equation as it is the one stimulus that has most effect on our moods and brain thank any other. In Fact, scientific research has established that  “music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function.”  See NPR.Org

The book discusses the current changes taking place in the music industry and brands’ growing desire to add music and sound to their brand identity. Laura also builds out a paradigm for Marketing and Advertising that centers on the four Es rather that the four Ps of marketing. Namely Experience, Engagements, Exclusivity And Emotions. She maps out how music integrated with the new paradigm.

The book offers tips and ideas for artists and brands. There are lists and links, resources for help and tutorials including video and other related material.

See the Marketers media News on Sonic Branding Solutions

The Brand and The Band is available on Amazon at






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