BBC on Sonic Branding in Marketing

This Sonic Branding Definition by the British Broadcasting Company is an important archive on just what sonic branding is. Not only is it a good definition of sonic branding, it position the sonic movement, using sound in marketing as an emerging industry in its own right.

The full article is available at  – Here are some of the ideas that stuck me as most influential or descriptive.

Today sonicbranding is a multi-million $ industry, with brands trying to identify with the emotional appeal of a product and communicate them directly into your mind. Come down to?taken to its easiest form everything makes use of the thinking of such composers as Richard Wagner and also John Williams as well as the dark arts much more typically related to Mad Males’s Don Draper.

For Daniels, sonic branding has to do with developing a partnership between the brand and also its target audience with the latter’s ears, fulfilling the role that a nationwide anthem plays to a nation or a hymn plays to a religion. He Tells us that “All brands make a sound someplace, whether it’s in a shop, on a TV commercial or with a telephone,” he says. “Sonic branding is handling that sound, ensuring that it’s positive”.

The article gives a great example of how this works when is tells us that “The most famous sonic brand of them all is Intel’s “bongs” four notes which were composed in 1994 and have been heard more than a billion times since. The tune came to composer Walter Werzowa after a weekend of head-scratching.” As Werzora says “I was looking at the brief again and saw ‘Intel inside’,and when you say it it has a rhythm to it, this little melody, the fourth and the fifth. I have to say I think I got quite lucky on that one.”

We all know jingles and phrases such as  “Hot Chocolate, drinking Chocolate or Purina Dog Chow, All you add is love,  and others. I remember these from over 50 years ago and why? Because they are catchy tunes that stick with you, like earworms etched in your mind. The jingles and rhymes and rhythm are engaging, and what does that mean for the brand- recall, and engagement. That is why sonic branding works.. It is a well know fact that Music has more ability to activate more parts of the brain than any other stimulus” (Alive Inside).

This fact was brilliantly demonstrated in “Alive Inside” the film of how music changed the lives of patients with Alzheimer’s who were severely incapacitated with the disease. Its great video to understand the power of music – the reason for sonic branding!

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