Man Made Music Joel Bekerman Reveals Practical Tips with Sonic Branding Examples

Joel Bekerman Founder and lead composer of man-made-music, in a interview with Ray Baird of BrandingBusiness defines “Sonic Branding” as the strategic use of music and sound to build brands. Its not just jingles or sounds but something that creates authentic brand identity and brings an emotional quality and personality to the brand.

Joel’s book Sonic Boom goes into this in depth offering examples of sonic identity from real sonic branding solutions. Adding Sonic identity, he says, is the process of translating the brand strategy into music, using the complete set of musical tools, instruments, with tune and score, rhythm and  words that fit the brand.

Hertz Example

For Hertz, the key feature that management believe the team excel at is Speed. That is speed of service, delivery and speed in resolution to issues and errors.

Speed is the identity that management wanted to translated into a sonic representation for the company. But how do you represent speed in a set of music and sound element. Well there are many parts to this. There are sounds in the car, there are specific sounds when you call the company and when you drive the car.

Ultimately there must be, what Joel calls the sonic anthem, the music that is the long form sonic representation of the brand. In addition there is a sonic logo as a short form of the anthem. The logo is like a certificate or company graphics-logo of the brand. Unlike the anthem which is the entire inspirational story expressed in music, the logo is short and snappy. Speed Joel says is a journey, the logo is 15 seconds,  galloping along but no song. The anthem is the song.

Amazon ebooks:  Authentic Brands with Sonic Branding Solutions

Sound, they say, is now the cayene pepper of the brand. It is the spice and the personality that creates interest, empathy, engagement and loyalty of the authentic brand. A search on amazon will reveal several book and chief among them are the Sonic Boom and The Band and the Brand.  Both books complement each other. Sonic Boom takes the reader thought the philosophy of the sonic movement whereas the band brand is a practical guide.

The very latest book, “The Band and the Brand“,  looks at  Sonic Branding Examples, Solutions, Success and Failures,  and provides the background on history as well as an update on brand marketing today exploring how sonic identity fits the new digital sharing economy. There are many current books that delve into sound and music in branding and marketing today.
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What is Sonic Branding – INC.

How to Add Sonic Branding to Your Business: What is Sonic Branding?

Audrey Arbeeny defines sonic branding as “The strategic development of a brand’s attributes through sound and its deployment across a multitude of touchpoints to create a seamless, cohesive and authentic sonic presence.”

Also see The Brand And The Band – latest book on Sonic Branding >>>

Arbeeny, teaches sonic branding at Pratt Institute’s communications design program.

It is a bit different to what she did a few years when brands just wanted just a sound logo – “a short pattern of notes like NBC’s chimes or the -Intel Inside- tune.

Todays brands “want their entire customer experience connected. Companies have a main phone number, a mobile phone number, a website, all with different sounds that don’t make sense together. They realize customers are using these products and want something cohesive that also makes them stand out.”

Dig Deeper: Defining Your Brand


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Lets Start Sonic Here

For a primer on what is Sonic branding we need to step back and ask the question what is marketing and what is advertising. In her debut book Laura Montarroso does exactly this as she charts the history of sonic Branding – Its now published on Amazon at

sonic branding solutions - an introduction with examples by the BrandandTheband
Amazon Book on Sonic Branding

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It is a fun book with lots of insights – it reveals who are the major sonic Branding companies and looks at sonic branding successes as well as failures with examples and case studies.