Vimeo Video on Sonic Branding ebook – Music in Contemporary Advertising

Vimeo Video on Sonic Branding ebook: Music in Contemporary Advertising

This Vimeo video by Amazon Author Laura Montarroso Daher is a fun overview of what has motivated her to write the latest book to be published on Sonic Branding. While sharing serious insights on the latest in sound and music advertising,  It is a fun animation of the facts driving one of the fastest growing segments of marketing.

The book offers an in depth look at the latest practices in branding as well as a colourful history of the evolution of Music in Marketing. Music in past and contemporary brand communications is perhaps the most powerful and engaging form of messaging today. Coupled with video (sonic branding video), its power to engage and compel is unparalleled!

In fact, sonic-video messaging is the latest form of multi-media and multi-channel communication that is becoming so prevalent in the digital age. The book looks at examples of sonic solution including some notable music video branding disasters, with a keen academic eye, while being very easy to read, full of practical advice and case studies.

The new Kindle book for brands, marketers and music professionals, also delves into how marketing has changed. It explores the psychology of why sound and music has become so effective in creating authentic brands. The Kindle book can be read on any computer or mobile device with Amazons reader which can be easily downloaded as an app or software.

Buy the ebook at  or click the link below:

Get Amazon ebook here >>>

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