Slideshare Sonic Branding Research

The Slideshare says it all. It is part of a Master Thesis for the MBA program at ICFAI by Darpan Jain. Jain studies the techniques to measure the impact of Sonic Branding Solutions on Emotions, Brand Recall, Brand Recognition and Purchase Intention.

The report concludes witmusicandsoundinbrandingh the fact that Sonic Branding through sound and music creates “distinct and memorable long term image of the brand”. This is one of its most cited advantage. The report looks at how these effects can be measured, and examines at the tools and techniques used to establish its effect on emotions, recall and its influence on buyer behavior.

However, music can both positively and negatively stimulate a responses in attention, mood, attitude, and purchase intention. Further, different genres of music affect different demographics differently. Music in branding must be chosen with care and understanding of the audience/consumer.

The report concludes that advertisers should avail themselves of the substantial research that exists. It  offers a full list of resources and examples used in the research which others will find helpful.

The references provided at the end of the book to other sonic branding initiatives along with that of the academic work by Montarrosa in her latest Amazon ebook on Sonic Branding Examples & Solution, provides an excellent resource of real world case studies, research, and technology. They are very valuable guide to those who are involved in using music and sound to create engaging and authentic brands.

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