What is Sonic Branding – INC.

How to Add Sonic Branding to Your Business: What is Sonic Branding?

Audrey Arbeeny defines sonic branding as “The strategic development of a brand’s attributes through sound and its deployment across a multitude of touchpoints to create a seamless, cohesive and authentic sonic presence.”

Also see The Brand And The Band – latest book on Sonic Branding >>>

Arbeeny, teaches sonic branding at Pratt Institute’s communications design program.

It is a bit different to what she did a few years when brands just wanted just a sound logo – “a short pattern of notes like NBC’s chimes or the -Intel Inside- tune.

Todays brands “want their entire customer experience connected. Companies have a main phone number, a mobile phone number, a website, all with different sounds that don’t make sense together. They realize customers are using these products and want something cohesive that also makes them stand out.”

Dig Deeper: Defining Your Brand


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